Webbing up kites

A webbing up kite serves for the webbing up of a web in to the printing press.  Webbing up kite

This seemingly simple, but in reality very material onerous task requires high-quality materials and excellent workmanship. The tension cord of the webbing up kite is for example exposed to enormous tensile forces during the start of the webbing up device . Inferior workmanship or the use of unsuitable materials leads within a short time to the tension cord separating from the main body.

We have webbing up kites for commercial- and newspaper presses for different press manufacturers. The printing industry has thus an alternative to the webbing up kites from the machine manufacturers.

Our products are from selected quality and long lifetime. Our long experience and good cooperation with our customers is the basis for the constant development of our products.

Whether a webbing up kite for a full width web, a 3/4 width or a 1/2 with, with magnet foil or without, whether normal Version or heat resistant, we have the correct webbing up kite for the printing industry to choose.


Advantage for our customers:

  • Very good cost-performance ratio.
  • Long lifetime.
  • Solid product Quality, made in Germany.
  • Own development.
  • Service after the sale, we’re here for you.

A small selection of the available webbing up kites is displayed in the photo gallery.

Webbing up kites compatible to the following part numbers