Folder pins

Pins, also called pin needles or pin screws, hold the sheet after the cutting in the cutting cylinder before it enters the folder. For issues with a high page number or grammage the loads on the pins are enormous. High-quality manufactured products last however despite these loads over several millions punctures.


We deliver folder pins, pins bracktes, pin levers and pin tools for all common folder types to the printing industry.

Our Folder pins are of excellent quality and are characterized by a long life.

  • pin serrated.
  • pin smoth.
  • pin with flange.
  • pin tools.
  • pin reinforced version.
  • pin lever.
  • pin needle.
  • pin screw bracket.


Advantage for our customers:

  • very good cost-performance ratio.
  • long lifetime.
  • high product quality.
  • Service after the sale, we’re here for you..

A small selection of the available folder pins and pin levers is displayed in the photo gallery.

Folder pins and pin levers compatible to the following part numbers

16.18050-0001 pin screw
16.18050-0004 pin screw
16.18050-0008 pin screw
16.18050-0009 pin screw
16.18050-0012 pin needle
16.18550-0104 pin needle
16.18550-0105 pin needle
16.18550-0110 pin needle
16.19095-7003 pin screw
16.19095-7004 pin screw
16.20432-0392 pin lever
16.20432-0393 pin lever
16.20432-0395 pin lever
16.20432-0396 pin lever
16.20450-0001 pin needle
16.20450-0002 pin needle
16.20450-0003 pin needle
16.20450-0008 pin screw
16.20650-0001 pin screw
16.20650-0008 pin needle
16.20650-0010 pin needle
16.20650-7007 pin needle
16.20750-0001 pin needle
16.20750-0003 pin needle
30.97050-0001 pin