Stitcher wire

Stitcher wire for the printing industry   stitcher wire coil

The stitching wire is used to merge multiple sheets in the stitcher.


With our stitching wire from German production you receive a product optimally matched to your requirements. Our stitching wire for the printing industry is characterized by its high quality and easy processing. Whether round stitching wire or flat stitching wire, whether in standard or steel quality, whether galvanized or copper plated, we offer you an enormous product selection.

An optimized surface texture and a technical sliding film ensure a low friction resistance and a high stitching speed. The high piercing capability and consistent operating characteristic as well as the good corrosion protection are further quality criteria of our stitching wire and facilitate a trouble-free production run.

Below is a listing of some of our standard products:

 HD15  15 kg  0,5mm / 0,6mm  galvanized / copper plated
 K355  45 kg  0,5mm / 0,6mm / 0,7 mm  galvanized
 MP100  90 kg  0,5mm / 0,6mm  galvanized
 BK300  300 kg  0,5mm / 0,6mm  galvanized


The choice of the suitable stitching wire, the spool type and the size of the trading unit depends on different factors, we support you gladly with the selection:

  • Wire gauge
  • Product thickness
  • Clip form
  • Used uncoiling device


Advantage for our customers:

  • Very good cost-performance ratio.
  • Solid product Quality, made in Germany.
  • Service after the sale, we’re here for you.


A small selection of the available stitcher wires is displayed in the photo gallery.

Stitcher wire compatible to the following part numbers:

16.38355-0001 stitcher wire, 0,45mm
16.97060-3453 stitcher wire, 0,70mm
16.97060-5384 stitcher wire, 0,55mm
16.97060-5446 stitcher wire, 0,45mm
16.97060-5447 stitcher wire, 0,70mm
16.97060-6853 stitcher wire, 0,55mm
16.97061-0284 stitcher wire, 0,50mm
16.97061-0285 stitcher wire, 0,60mm